Tori-Emaki (PlayStation Eye) review


Tori-Emaki is an interactive screensaver for the PlayStation 3 which allows you to control a flock of birds and navigate a picturesque landscape, illustrated in the style of ancient Japanese art. Read on for our review and a video of Tori-Emaki in action.

The game uses the PlayStation Eye to track the position of your hand, translating it to a cursor on the screen which the birds will constantly follow and circle, allowing you to navigate the 2.5D environment.

Tori-Emaki outputs in 1080p, and the artwork looks absolutely fantastic. The sound is beautifully done - a minimal soundscape with flutters of pan-pipes and ethnic percussion, evolving as you move around and see different things.

Of course, a video conveys 10,000 words…

It’s perfectly executed, and definitely interesting to experience - but it’s just not going to keep you entertained for long. On the other hand, if you’re looking to show off the PlayStation Eye to your less geeky friends, Tori-Emaki is far more appropriate than Eye of Judgment.

The only question is whether the price is under your acceptable threshold for a relatively throwaway purchase, which I can’t help you with…other than actually telling you the price, that is. Tori-Emaki is currently available in the PlayStation Store for the UK (£1.99), Australia (AUD$4.95), and Europe (€2,99).

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  1. Playstation Eye » Tori-Emaki (PlayStation Eye) review Says:

    […] Review of PS3eye game Tori-Emaki […]

  2. Jake Tanner Says:

    Hey, maybe it’s just the amount of drugs we’re on (HINT HINT) but we’d like to take exception to your review.

    We think that while your observation of the game as “perfectly executed” is spot on, claiming it’s just not going to last long is ridiculous. My wife, our friend J., and I have been playing with and watching (sometimes just sitting back totally, too,) this game for HOURS NOW. And now, we can’t imagine many friday nights where we won’t mess with it for at least a little while.

    So we suggest you try this game on again, this time, just maybe, with an “attitude adjustment” on board (wink wink.)

    J., J., and M.

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